We set out to help people achieve their fullest potential. Today, our tools are used across the world by leaders who want laser-precision insight into people's performance. You can use our assessments to identify key objectives for executive training, to manage team culture and manage organisational culture.


Eunoia offers powerful tools to see into behaviour and develop the hidden foundations that shape performance.

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Eunoia offers innovations to uncover the hidden dynamics of your organisation's performance.


Start your next workshop with deep insight into your blind spots and development needs.

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Each organisation is unique.  What can we do for you?

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Methodologically groundbreaking

Eunoia Leadership has proven its new method of assessing personal constructs enables highly effective development.  The Eunoia personal construct model applies both for personal and organisational development.  This new approach builds on a framework for assessing personal quality across four levels: personal definitions, motivations, behaviours, and performance.  


Eunoia presents a novel set of methodologies that is a paradigm shift in the assessment field.

The M4Levels framework
Eunoia's 8 capacity model
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About Eunoia

Our team has diverse expertise and backgrounds.  It is our shared belief that the uniqueness of every individual and organization can be activated towards maximizing a unique value added.  We focus our efforts on improving the impact on our clients’ performance.  We provide customized and integrated solutions based on accurate assessments and analysis of the organizational culture and the leadership capacity.

Mohamed Maher, Founder, Leadership and organisational culture consultant

Maher has a master in business administration and a master in strategic leadership towards sustainability.  He has a strong passion for assessing leadership and organizational culture to improve business effectiveness.  His first-hand experience in international environments has allowed him to see up close the effect of culture on business results.  Maher believes that human resources is the critical asset that affects every facet of an organization's life and therefore, its overall effectiveness. He believes that assessing the system must be the first step before taking any action.

Anna Rosengren, Founder, Leadership and organisational culture consultant

Anna's experience, supported by academic studies, took her to leadership development as an area of expertise, with extensive focus on personal insights and complexity. She has been designing innovative leadership development programs. Anna believes that leadership is the major factor behind every success. Anna has a master degree in ecology and a master degree in strategic leadership towards sustainability.

Robert Louw, Innovation leadership consultant

Robert has a masters' degree in innovation management at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.  Previously worked as an engineer and earned a masters' degree in physics.  Now he works with company leaders to manage the impact of technological change and help leaders stay ahead of their industries.

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